24component-bars (Menu Component)

Fully Responsive Header, Footer, Navigation, Mega Menu, Dropdown, and Sidebar. A nicely crafted package in CSS, JS, and HTML for those who love good design.

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Coming Soon

It is in Beta version! According to our estimates, we will release it by early 2018! Please feel free to join our newsletter, or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

All-in-One solution.

You need menus (bars) everywhere! In Website, CMS, Admin Dashboard, Web App, and etc. Now imagine building responsive Headers, Footers, Navigations, Mega Menus, Dropdowns, and Sidebars in seconds.

Coming Soon

An essential component for your next project.

Fits just right in.

Compatible with all modern browsers, frameworks, and web environments. Using Pure HTML5 or a front-end framework such as Bootstrap, MDL, Foundation, or anything else? It doesn't make any difference! You're in good company.

fits with all front-end frameworks

Full documentation.

Anything that you need to know about creating bars is in the documentation that you download. Introduction on how to Get Started, Compatibility Notes, Bar Block Documentation, and etc...

Everything you need is right here.

Create Almost Anything

  • Header
  • Footer
  • Left/Right Sidebar
  • Fullscreen header/footer
  • Sticky Header/Footer/Sidebar Hot
  • Expanded Sidbars
  • Collapsed Sidebars
  • Vertical/Horizontal Navigations
  • Vertical/Horizontal Sub Menus
  • Dropdowns
  • Megamenus
  • Grid System
  • Multi Level Menus Hot
  • Admin Dashboard Panels
  • Software like Menus NEW
  • AJAX Loading Navigations NEW
  • Stateful Navigation Items
  • Stateful Navigation Sub-Items

Awesome Features

  • CSS3 Animations
  • JavaScript Options
  • Data Attribute Implementation
  • 3D Effects
  • Variaty of Colors
  • Variaty of Visual Effects Hot
  • On Scroll Effects
  • Position Modifiers
  • Header/Footer hide & seek
  • Header/Footer Extension
  • Overlay
  • Shrink
  • 3D Rotate NEW
  • Stick
  • Off-Canvas Hot
  • Push

Support for any Content

  • Social Icons
  • Icons for menus/Sub Menus
  • Contact/Newsletter Forms
  • Signup/Signin Forms
  • Search Box
  • Shppoing Cart Dropdowns
  • Alert/Message/User Menus
  • Multiple Columns in Header/Footer/Sidebar
  • Tabs
  • Collapses
  • Custom Content


  • Fully Responsive Hot
  • Fully Customizable
  • Cross Browser Support
  • RTL Languages Support
  • Compatible with all Frameworks
  • Onetime Payment
  • Lifetime Free Updates Hot
  • Full Support

Checkout our examples.

Quickly build beautiful samples using our examples here.


Suitable for any web environment & project.

Bonus most common use cases.

Unlimited variation of effects.

Unlimited variation of elements.

Unlimited variation of modifiers.

Unlimited variation of navigations.

Looking for more?

The component goes awesome with some more of our products. The combination of Bars with these blocks, help you create even more cool effects. We included them in a few previews above. Of course we've also explained how to use these blocks with Bars component in the documentation of the package that you purchase.

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